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Southwest London Optimist Outdoor SoccerSunday, September 20, 2020  
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Can I volunteer?
This is completely a volunteer run organization. The club is always looking for people to join the executive team. We are always interested in having new coaches join the club and will set you up an experienced Southwest coach who can act as a "mentor". We will also facilitate any training that you may require.You can volunteer by contacting anybody on the Southwest Competitive Soccer executive team.
How does the age group thing work?
Player years are by calendar year. In other words, For example, if a player is born in 2005, in 2019 they would be turning 14 and therefore would play in the U14 division. Players can also "play up", eg) in the U14 example, players born in 2006 could also play. Playing up 2 years is not recommended although exceptions can be made in certain circumstances.
What if my child changes their mind?
If a player voluntarily withdraws from the tryout process or is not selected by the coach to be on the team, a refund will be provided upon written request and will be subject to a $30 administartion fee.
If a player is selected by the coach to be on the team but chooses not to play, the refund will be subject to a $60 administration fee.
No refunds will be issued after May 1st.
Uniforms and any other SW property must be returned before any refund can be issued.

Can my children be on the same team as her best friends?

Certainly, however, this will be at the discretion of the coach,in other words each child must "make" the team on their own merits.

What about jewellery?
For safety reasons, NO JEWELLERY of any kind is allowed to be worn. If you were not born with it, you can't wear it. No taping or covering is permitted. If it "can't come out" then you can't play.

These items can cause injury to the wearer and other players. The rule is simple.
The only exceptions are -
< medic alert items - they must be taped so they are not loose or have any hanging ends
< soft joint supports
< hard joint supports may be worn IF they are covered by the manufacturers protective covering
< casts may be allowed if covered by sufficient padding (bubblewrap is best)
The referree is the sole judge of what is safe. Different officials may make different decisions. Just because one referee did not see it or allowed it does not mean it is OK in future games.
What else will we have to buy?
Your athlete will receive (and keeps) a jersey (home and away), shorts and socks. For safety reasons, your child must wear shin pads. Soccer cleats are mandatory.  Shin pads and cleats are not provided by the club.
How long is the season?
The playing season begins in May ane ends in August/September. However training is likely outside of these periods; some competitive teams practice year-end while others begin in March/April.
Can I sponsor a team?
Yes although most sponsorships occur directly through the individual team. Please talk to your coach or team manager.
I have read the FAQ's and I still have questions
You can contact us at You can also contact any one of the people on the Southwest Executive.
Where do you play?
Home games and practices are held at a number of locations in the southwest, including;
Southwest Optimist Park, Reservoir, Westmount Lions, Jesse Davidson, Greenway Park, as well as area public and high schools.

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